Best tower in btd5

best tower in btd5

Based on over votes from visitors like you. Place your vote on the list of Best Towers In Bloons Tower Defense 5. iCloud not working iOS btd5 3 Best: Super Monkey - The super monkey is the best tower if all the towers were put in a competition, but it is. In your opinion, what's the best tower? their FAVORITE towers, but honestly, there really is no such thing as a " best " tower in BTD5 games.:).

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Only useful is masses. Last edited by eliastopp; at Juggernaughts are amazing, though. It has the ability to stun, spot camo, blow them away and seek bloons. Sometimes the Rings of Fire, Artillery Batteries or whatever attacking the bloons frozen by your Arctic Wind reach their popping limit and the bloons escape and make you lose. best tower in btd5 Sunflight01 Sunflight01 3 years ago 1 Hey guys, I have played Bloons TD 5 since launch, and I also own Bloons TD 4, but have been playing also on the PC since TD 2, so I've got just a little bit of time invested into Bloons. BloonsTowerDefense subscribe unsubscribe readers 6 users here now This Subreddit will be covering anything and everything that is related to bloons tower defense 1,2,3,4,5 Post whatever you like as long as it relates to the main subject! I would only use any other path for the tack shooter on the map snowy castle because of its small size. I was one of the chosen pre-beta-testers for BTD Battles!!! Is this even a question?! Or a Regrow Rush of Death? Canter spiele you have a map where the normal spawn and sent spawn are on the same side or loop around, the boomerang tower is S tier. I dint see the dates on the first post. You can take this to get the Super Monkey Fan Club upgrade, but honestly for the cost your money is better spent. I love these towers, the sub boat combo is op. He changed the future of all monkeys and people. Signal Flare is much better, [this is still better than signal flair]. It begins to lack the firepower required for late-game rounds, but these are sufficient enough to carry you until you can get better towers. This is so OP I use it a lot and sentries are taking care of every thing. Can't glue MOABS even with MIB. It is so good fully upgraded and you earn so much money I'm on round only using spectre The only other tower I had was a ninja monkey, to take out the earlier rounds until I could afford a spike factory. The very rare usefulnesses of this upgrade are round 63 and 78 rushes when you barely have any effective tower against rushes. You usually get your first Super Monkey around round , so what will you do until then? Also, this turns four regen rainbows into infinite, which is definitely not great to see. Cannot pop a ZOMG even in the longest tracks. Games Movies TV Wikis. It's a bit expensive but definitely worth it. Only useful is masses. Plus all the cool explosions and stuff. Used to use this alot but it's tier 3 upgrades are quite expensive and useful in later rounds. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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